4 Steps to Choose the Right Braces for Your Smile

4 Steps to Choose the Right Braces for Your Smile

Nov 06, 2018

It is essential that you, as the client at Dixon Dental, evaluate all the types of braces they have to find out what you need. Let’s look at what matters to you.

  • Cost: My budget is small, so price is something to worry about.
  • Complex: I have very crooked teeth, my bite is off, and the dentist says I have a complicated case.
  • Speed: I am getting married in eight months, and I want to look my best before then.
  • Appearance: I prefer others do not know I am getting my teeth straightened.

Think about the pros and cons of what you are about to do. Do you want to get your braces at a dentist near you?

What do you feel is the most critical factor when you start making decisions about straightening your smile? Keep that in in the forefront of your mind when weighing the pros and cons of each type of brace.

Six Month Smiles has become the favored selection for many. When you start to compare Six Month Smiles to the new Invisalign and traditional braces, most find that the Six-Month Smiles have the most and what is considered the best benefits over the rest that include:

  • The treatment time is much faster than any of the others – usually six months
  • Less expensive than the competitors of traditional braces, veneers, and Invisalign
  • By being almost the exact color of your teeth, they can barely be noticed by others

Braces near you at Dixon, of all kinds, are available.

If you opt for a clear aligner such as Invisalign, you will like it, but it seems to be liked best by those who worry about their appearance while their teeth are being straightened. You, the patient will come in to replace the custom-made tray aligner every one-two weeks. You can take out the aligner for brushing and flossing routines, drinking and eating anything but water, and for special occasions. Most feel that the:

PROS: are loved by the patients worried about their image. It is easier to take care of the flossing and brushing. It straightens your teeth much quicker.

CONS: It is not your best choice when it comes to serious orthodontic problems. You would need to wear the trays for 20-22 hours out of 24 hours a day. Pre-teens are not eligible for the clear aligners.

The critical part of all your decisions is to choose the right dentist that you will find right here at Dixon where we provide you with exceptional dentistry every day. It will make all the difference for you in the results.

Choose the braces that are right for you. If you do these things, then you are on the way to having the smile you have dreamed about and not be embarrassed to show those beautiful teeth to anyone.

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