A Dental Emergency Must Never Be Allowed to Aggravate Itself

A Dental Emergency Must Never Be Allowed to Aggravate Itself

Feb 01, 2020

There are many reasons when you may believe you need to visit an emergency dentist. Dental emergencies can strike at any time and dentists are well aware of these situations. It is the reason why you can easily research for the dentist near me knowing full well that he or she will attempt to accommodate a last-minute appointment for you to ensure you do not have to continue struggling with oral pain. Regardless of whether you have a toothache or a major dental emergency, you will be accommodated without a hitch making it possible for you to get over your concerns.

Reports are available from the American Dental Association that the major cause of tooth damage among adults is participating in sports. All types of athletics create the need for emergency appointments with even a backyard basketball game leading to damage created to a tooth or someone knocking out a player’s tooth. Methods to protect yourself are available in the form of mouth guards but a dental emergency can occur at any time needing help from the dentist in Dixon, IL.

What Types of Accidents Need Help from an Emergency Dentist

Car accidents are a leading cause of tooth injury. The tooth enamel is strong but may not be strong enough to prevent your tooth from breaking down when it collides with the steering wheel. The teeth are popular victims of injuries with millions of car accidents occurring every year. You are recommended to get yourself examined and a local emergency room if you are involved in a car accident just to ensure you haven’t endured any physical injuries but thereafter call your dentist for an appointment because emergency rooms cannot treat tooth damage. Therefore in such incidents, you will need to see both types of medical practitioners.

Sudden or severe toothaches is another reason for people searching for an emergency dentist to help them. Dentists examine the teeth and determine the cause of the pain. It could be a tiny cavity that has grown into a large one and needs a root canal. It could also be gum disease which is causing the gums to recede and exposing the tooth and the roots. These conditions can both lead to excessive pain needing emergency treatment from a dentist. Thankfully, dentists do not want patients to continue experiencing oral pain and will do everything possible to treat them without delays to ensure they remain comfortable.

Tooth infections left untreated for an extended period often lead to a dental abscess. This is extremely painful because an abscess is a major tooth infection that settles into your jawbone as well as the floor of your mouth. Oral surgery may become necessary to remove the infection if the abscess settles into the floor of your mouth or your jawbone. During the dental exam, the dentist will intimate you if they observe an abscessed.

How to Relieve Dental Pain While Waiting for an Emergency Dentist?

Dentists can help patients to remain comfortable in a pain-free manner by identifying the issue that is causing the pain and also explaining the treatment options available for dealing with it. They often prescribe medications to help with the pain. The prescription can prevent you from feeling any discomfort while your tooth is being treated at home. You can consider applying a cold compress or even an ice pack to the area for reducing or preventing any swelling.

Treatment Options For a Broken Tooth

It is quite common that you may have damaged a tooth while participating in sports or if involved in a car accident. It is possible that the tooth has cracked or chipped. As long as the structure of the tooth is in place dentists can generally correct it with various options for dental treatment. Your teeth can be restored by the emergency dentist using dental veneers or crowns. These options are both excellent and can restore the full functionality of the tooth while maintaining its natural appearance.

How Can the Emergency Dentist Help?

At Exceptional Dentistry the dentist’s and the staff of the clinic strive to keep you comfortable and free from injury or pain. The clinic understands that dental emergencies are unplanned. If your tooth has suffered damages and is causing you pain you are suggested to contact them right away with the confidence that an appointment will be scheduled for you and provide the treatment needed quickly. Their friendly staff will ensure they work with you in every situation to get you the treatment needed promptly. You can also prevent dental emergencies from happening by receiving teeth cleanings every six months and maintaining a healthy diet throughout the year.

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