Alcohol’s Effect On Our Gum Health

Alcohol’s Effect On Our Gum Health

Mar 20, 2019

Are you looking for one more reason to leave your alcohol addiction? If yes, then you are at the right place by referring to this article. Alcohol can damage your teeth in such a way that you cannot even think of. Exceptional Dentistry believes that there is no benefit but you can definitely invite many oral problems for your teeth by consuming alcohol. Following you will find some of the problems which are caused due to alcohol-

Gum Diseases: I am not denying that drinking alcohol might be helping you in relaxing after a hectic day but on the other hand, you would also not like the fact of losing your teeth at an early age. There is a big correlation between alcohol and gum diseases. If not treated in time, then there are high chances that you would require a dental implant too.

  • Dentist in Dixon suggest that if you are suffering from any periodontal disease then alcohol can increase the damage by two or three times
  • People who drink daily have a high risk of suffering from gum diseases because it increases the plaque on your teeth which leads to gum diseases
  • You might also face problems like gum bleeding, gum detachment and so on

Dry Mouth: Do you ever feel your mouth getting dry after drinking? If yes, then have you ever thought that the alcohol is having adverse effects on your teeth? This is not a simple issue because saliva plays an important role in our mouth:

  • Saliva works like mouth cleanser which helps you in keeping your gums healthy and your mouth clean
  • It starts to neutralize the acid in your mouth
  • It also removes plaque as well as kills bacteria which in turn helps in protecting your teeth

Stain: Nobody likes to have stains on their teeth as it affects your personality overall. Alcohol can be the biggest reason for the same. It can cause stains on your teeth which you will need to get removed later. You can contact Exceptional Dentistry as they are known to have the best dentist in Dixon. They can remove the stain from your teeth and increase the strength of your teeth as well.

You can find several other harmful effects that alcohol has on teeth and hence, it would be the best to leave that addiction. If you don’t believe this then get a check-up from a dentist near you. They will be able to tell you the actual condition of your teeth and suggest you as to how you can improve the situation.

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