Exceptional Dentistry- Are tooth-colored fillings safe?

Exceptional Dentistry- Are tooth-colored fillings safe?

Mar 01, 2021

A dental filling repairs the damage mostly caused by tooth decay or fracture. It repairs the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth. Nowadays, Dental fillings are tooth-colored, which blend quite well to tooth enamel and are able to bond to the remaining tooth structure.

Tooth-colored fillings also called composite fillings and are a dental material that is similar to putty in both look and texture before it dries. Dentist in Dixon IL at Exceptional dentistry is able to manipulate this material to any shape, molding it to the specifications required for each patient. Composite is a combination of crushed quartz and strong resin material, which they mix together at the time of placement. Once they have the material placed, shaped, and ready, the dentist then hardens it with unique blue light. The end result is a strong and hard material that should last for many years with normal wear and tear. Below are the pros and cons of Tooth-colored fillings in Dixon IL:


  • Versatility- these colored fillings can also be used to repair broken, chipped, or worn teeth, in addition, to be used as a filling for decay.
  • Aesthetics — the shade of the composites can be closely matched to the color of existing teeth; is quite well suited for use in front teeth or visible parts of teeth
  • Bonding with the tooth structure- composite fillings chemically bond to tooth structure, offering more support to the tooth
  • Tooth-sparing preparation — sometimes less tooth structure needs to be extracted compared with amalgams when preparing for the filling and removing the decay.


  • Less durability – These types of fillings wear out sooner than amalgams which last at least 5 years as compared to amalgams which last at least 10 to 15 years. They may not last as long as amalgams under the pressure of chewing and especially if used as the filling material for huge cavities
  • Increased chair time — These fillings can take up to 20 minutes longer than amalgams to fix, because of the procedure to apply the composite material.
  • Additional visits — if composites are used for onlays and inlays, more than one office visit might be required
  • Chipping — depending on location, composite materials could chip off the tooth
  • Expense — composite fillings might cost up to twice the cost of amalgams

How safe are Tooth Coloured Fillings?

There are no known health risks linked with the use of composite fillings. However, few patients do experience slight discomfort in the days following the procedure. Patients could expect to feel some pain and sensitivity to cold and hot food and drinks, especially in the first week or two after treatment.

When can tooth-colored fillings be used?

Composite resins are usually meant for small to moderate-sized restorations. They are fracture-resistant, durable, and able to withstand chewing pressure. Depending on how much of the tooth needs restoration, the procedure might be completed in just one visit. Alternatively, if a huge volume of tooth material should be replaced, a part can be fabricated outside the mouth and later bonded to the tooth.

Whatever the situation, the sure-shot way to determine whether tooth-colored fillings are right for the person is to go and consult the dentist. They can inform about the appropriate options and help one select the best way to proceed with treatment. Either way, the person will be able to achieve and keep a healthy-looking smile.

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