Importance of Periodontal Health

Importance of Periodontal Health

Jun 25, 2018

If you have healthy teeth and a great looking smile you most likely have healthy gums also. Not only that, but it may also mean that you are at a decreased risk for many different chronic and systemic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Periodontal health, also known as gum health, is exceptionally important for dental patients. Having healthy gums and keeping them that way can mean the difference between a lifetime of healthy smiles and oral care problems that can persist for a long time.

Preventive Periodontal Charting

Gum recession is an early indicator of gum disease, so because of this your dentist will carefully track the depth of the pockets between your teeth and gums, also known as periodontal charting. If there are adverse changes in the depths of these gum pockets at any 6 month check-up, your dentist may make recommendations for changes in your at-home hygiene.

Treating Early Gum Disease

We at Exceptional Dentistry will work with you to ensure that your oral hygiene habits and visits to our dentist are frequent, consistent, and accurate. We will take all the necessary steps to make effective changes to halt the advancement of gum disease. If you do have more concerns or if you show signs of later stages of periodontal disease there are options that we can do in-office to keep your health on track.

Advanced Periodontal Health Options

There are few options that involve scaling, root planing, and antibiotics in the effort to use non-surgical periodontal therapies.

Exceptional Dentistry in Dixon, IL, is here for all of your dental care questions and concerns. If you would like to make an appointment or if you have more questions about gum disease, feel free to send us an e-mail, or give us a call at the earliest possible time.

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