Is Getting a Dental Bridge Painful?

Is Getting a Dental Bridge Painful?

Sep 01, 2022

Bridges are fixed or permanent oral devices that replace single or multiple missing teeth. They fill the spaces in your smile with a fake tooth linked to a real tooth or a permanent implant located next to it.

These restorations prevent further cosmetic issues like the drifting of teeth caused by missing teeth. Let us find out whether getting a dental bridge procedure hurts or not.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

Dental bridges have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. However, visiting the dentist in Dixon and practicing perfect dental hygiene regularly can help to increase the lifespan by more than ten years.

Caring for fixed dental bridges is usually the same as your original teeth. So, getting professional dental cleanings, using mouthwash, brushing, and flossing helps to keep the dental bridge in tip-top shape.

The quality of bridges also plays a vital role in the lifespan. Diet and lifestyle also significantly affect the durability of these restorations.

A tooth bridge becomes prone to gum diseases and decays speedily. It can also make your face shape worse.

That is why it is vital to pick a trained and qualified dentist for the procedure that has the experience and uses the best quality material for the bridge work.

Can a Dental Bridge be Done in One Day?

Yes, you can receive the bridges on the same day as your appointment. They are known as same-day bridges. This tooth replacement option restores the mouth functionalities and looks of your smile.

It is perfect for those with one or more teeth missing but healthy teeth on the sides of spaces. Same-day dental bridges can be made from materials like gold, porcelain, etc. The choice of material ultimately hinges on your unique preference.

Will You Feel Pain After the Bridge Installation?

You may feel sharp pinches when the dentist and prosthodontist inject local anesthesia into the gums. Tropical anesthesia numbs the gums. After that, the dental expert will begin the process. They will file down the teeth around the spaces. Then, the expert fills it till they look like small nubs.

Now, the professional put crowns on the teeth. The last step involves putting the fake tooth in the gaps. Finally, they will use the crowns to support and hold them in their place.

While preparing teeth for a dental bridge, you may also feel pressure. The best way to relax is to take deep and long breaths. If your discomfort does not go away, talk to the expert at Exceptional Dentistry today.

Your new dental bridge needs time to get used to the modified bite or new dental prosthetic. To reduce the discomfort after the procedure, you can gargle using a combination of one tablespoon of salt and four ounces of warm water.

How Long Does Pain Last After a Dental Bridge?

The pain usually goes away within two weeks after your preparation appointment. There are many reasons why a bridge may cause discomfort. It may be due to decay under the crown supporting the dental bridge, loose-fitting, gum diseases, dental abscesses, etc.

To determine the exact cause of pain, consult the dentist immediately. They will ask you questions like when the pain started, how long it stays, how severe it is, etc. The expert will also examine your surrounding tissues and gums. After that, they will suggest a suitable treatment plan.

When is Dental Bridge Pain Normal?

It is common for the bridge to cause soreness. Pain-killing medicines can help you manage the pain effectively. To avoid complications with the bridge, stick to an ideal dental hygiene routine of flossing once and brushing twice daily.

You must floss around the bridge and follow every instruction from the dentist. It’s worth visiting the expert for professional checkups and cleanings at least once every six months.

Fix Your Lost Smile with Dental Bridges Today

Tooth bridges are an effective dental treatment to restore your lost smile. They keep the bone and teeth within the mouth healthy. These dental restorations will look, perform, and feel like your permanent teeth were before you lost them.

Contact our dental clinic today for more information about dental bridges in Dixon.

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