Is Snoring Killing Your Relationship (and you)?

Is Snoring Killing Your Relationship (and you)?

Jul 01, 2019

It is not uncommon for the couples to sleep apart in beds. Though sometimes the reason for sleeping apart can be the issues in relationship; they may be sleeping separately because of inconvenience as well, says dentist in Dixon. Sometimes, the sleeping styles of couples don’t match like one may be stealing the blanket from the other, one sleep talks, or their sleep schedules are not in sync.

However, according to dentist near Dixon IL, these are not the only reasons that keep the couples away from each other or sharing the bed. There’s yet another significant reason- snoring. Snoring affects around 90 million adults and can disrupt the sleep of anyone who shares the bed with them. Sometimes, even earplugs can’t help if the frequency or severity of snoring is more.

Don’t Let Snoring Hurt Your Relationship

We are hard wired socially to believe that couples must always sleep on the same bed but sleeping in separate beds should not be a matter of concern. Also, some people value their personal space enough to sleep separately from their partner. There’re no rules saying that you have to have the same sleeping arrangement. You can also alter it as per the night.

Sleeping Arrangements Won’t Solve the Snoring Problem

The dentist in 61021 says that, while snoring doesn’t have to be a problem for your relationship and love life, it certainly is a health problem. Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea, which is potentially a life-threatening condition that causes the sleeping person to stop breathing for up to a minute. These interruptions can happen hundreds of times per night without the person being aware. It lowers oxygen levels, and increases the chances of heart disease, diabetes, and more.

If you are a chronic snorer, the only solution is to get treated for sleep apnea. The treatment is non-surgical, comfortable, and effective. The right dentist will offer oral appliances which don’t need constant attention and upkeep unlike the traditional treatments like CPAP machine. The dentist near you will help in suggesting the right treatment based on your condition.

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