Removing a Tooth

Removing a Tooth

Oct 11, 2018

Tooth Removal Dixon IL

Most individuals may require a tooth extraction at one point in their life. There are several different factors that might contribute to that. Our experienced dental team offers high-quality tooth extractions at Exceptional Dentistry for the patients in the Dixon, IL area. When are tooth extractions needed and how are they performed? Continue reading on to learn more about tooth extractions for your smile.

Tooth Removal Dentist Dixon IL: Why Remove a Tooth?

Dentists will do everything they can to first save a tooth before choosing to extract a tooth from an individual’s smile. There are several different reasons an extraction might be recommended such as an impacted wisdom tooth, a severely damaged tooth from decay or breakage, and the effects of severe gum disease. Wisdom teeth need to be extracted if they do not properly fit in the row of teeth. They can lead to issues such as shifting teeth, infection, or jaw pain. If you experience these issues, then it may be time to schedule a tooth extraction for your smile.

Tooth Removal Near You: What Happens During a Tooth Removal?

Prior to scheduling your tooth extraction, your dentist will provide a thorough consultation to ensure it is the best route to take. They will provide you with a proper method of anesthesia to numb the area and avoid any discomfort you may experience. If needed, they may also ask you to bring a family member or friend to drive you back home safely. Special tools will be used to take the tooth out and clean the area. Your dentist will then provide you with thorough instructions on how to take care of your teeth after the extraction. They may prescribe you with medication to feel more comfortable and heal better. Keeping the extraction site clean is a priority.

Tooth Removal Dentist Near You

If you are interested in learning more about tooth extractions near you, then contact our Exceptional Dentistry staff for further information. Call us today to set up your next appointment with a member of our expert team.

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