Sealants: A Weapon Against Cavities

Sealants: A Weapon Against Cavities

Apr 27, 2018

Our dentists at Exceptional Dentistry realize the importance of a proper dental routine to keep your smile healthy. They provide a wide range of dental services to care for your oral health. One of the services our dentists provide is dental sealants. Why are they beneficial? How are dental sealants applied? Who are candidates for dental sealants? Continue reading to learn the answer to these questions.

Why are sealants applied particularly on the molars and premolars?

Our back teeth have pit and grooves on their chewing surfaces. Often times food can easily get stuck in these pockets. This can happen even if we have a good brushing routine. The sugar found in these trapped foods combined with the bacteria found in your mouth can lead to tooth decay. Dental sealants are applied to these teeth in order to prevent this from occurring and harming your teeth.

How are sealants applied?

Applying dental sealants can easily be done in one visit to your dentist at Exceptional Dentistry. To begin, your dentist will thoroughly clean the tooth that needs a sealant. They will then properly dry the tooth and cover it with cotton in order for it to stay dry. A solution is then added to your tooth that will help the sealant to bond easily. Your dentist will then rinse and dry your tooth again and reapply cotton. The sealant is finally painted on your tooth and then dried.

Who is a candidate for dental sealants?

Often times our dentists recommend dental sealants to children who have recently developed their molars and premolars. They can also be applied to baby teeth to help prevent tooth decay. It is also common for adults to ask for dental sealants. Contact your dentist and see if dental sealants can help you!

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