TMD and Fibromyalgia Could Share Links in Chronic Pain

TMD and Fibromyalgia Could Share Links in Chronic Pain

Jan 01, 2019

Are you suffering from chronic pain that is affecting your life? Is it difficult for you to keep up even with your daily routine tasks? Well, two conditions that can be causing you pain can be fibromyalgia and TMD i.e. temporomandibular disorder. Both these conditions take a toll on your routine life.  According to Dentist Dixon, not only do these conditions share common symptoms, but it has also been observed that several patients with Fibromyalgia are also diagnosed with TMD.

What makes Fibromyalgia different than TMD?

Fibromyalgia is a health condition in which the central nervous system is hypersensitive which leads to widespread pain and stiffness in joints and muscles. Not just that, the patients feels fatigue in general along with sleep disorders, memory issues, and unexplained mood swings.

On the other hand, TMD dentistry Dixon says that TMD is not widespread and is confined to your jaw. It is the impairment of TMD joints which connect your jaw with the skull. As a result, the individual feels acute pain making normal activities like speaking, chewing, and yawning difficult.

How are Fibromyalgia and TMD interconnected?

Fibromyalgia patients that also suffer from TMD experience increased sensitivity than those without TMD. Fibromyalgia impairs the central nervous system and not the individual nerves.

According to TMD dentist Dixon, TMD can be treated with advance surgeries that offer permanent result; there is no substantial proof if it is effective in getting rid of the pain. It is recommended for the patients to choose traditional methods for pain relief. The conservative ways for pain relief due to TMD are:

  • Eating soft food
  • Stretching exercises
  • Physical therapy
  • Muscle relaxant medication

Apart from these, practicing relaxation techniques can also help in managing symptoms of both these conditions as stress can be a major stimulant.

Both Fibromyalgia and TMD can disrupt the quality of your life and make you inactive. Thus, it is imperative to get them treated. It is important to get the actual condition diagnosed so that you can receive the right and specific treatment for the underlying issue.

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