Understanding Dental Emergency

Understanding Dental Emergency

Jul 01, 2021

An emergency does not appear with a prior appointment. On the contrary, it is better to be equipped to face dental emergencies. You can get details of the emergency dentist near you so that you may rush to the emergency dentist in time of need. The teeth perform the function of chewing the food and helping in speaking distinctly. Dental emergencies are of different types, and all dental ailments do not qualify for dental emergencies.

What is Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies are classified as any incident or trauma involving the mouth or teeth that require immediate attention and treatment by an emergency dentist. In most cases, the patients fail to understand and assess the gravity of the dental issue and fail to get appropriate treatment.

Some of the dental ailments can affect the overall health of the oral cavity and can have a permanent effect. Dental emergencies are potentially life-threatening and require immediate medical attention to alleviate the pain or to stop bleeding. Trauma might also involve fractured jawbones that might need surgery.

What Classifies as Dental Emergency?

According to American Family Physician, dental emergencies are common. 22% of the American population has experienced dental emergencies in the past half-year. But every dental issue is not a dental emergency. Before rushing to the dentist, you must be sure that the dental problem is a dental emergency. If the answer to any of these dental conditions is affirmative, you suffer from a dental emergency.

  • Have you lost a tooth?
  • Are you experiencing severe and unbearable pain in the teeth or oral cavity?
  • Have you lost a tooth?
  • Do your gums bleed regularly?
  • Do you have persistent oral infections?

These dental issues require the immediate attention of an emergency dentist.

Common Dental Emergencies

Seemingly minor dental issues might aggravate severe dental emergencies. A persistent toothache, if left untreated, might cause loss of teeth due to periodontal infection. The symptoms, however minor, must be given due attention, and necessary treatment is needed. The common symptoms of dental emergency include:

Loose Tooth

Adults should not experience loose or wiggly teeth. If the permanent set of teeth tends to loosen, you should worry. The reasons can be underlying infections of the gum. Loose teeth can also be a sign of trauma or oral injury. If the loss of teeth is causing toothaches, it is a case of dental emergency in Dixon. Exceptional Dentistry can be the dental clinic with state-of-art technologies to diagnose dental emergencies and treat them effectively.

Severe Toothaches

Mild pain in the teeth or gums is a common phenomenon. When the severity and intensity of toothaches increase, it can be a sign of a dental emergency. Home remedies can alleviate mild toothaches, but severe pain in the teeth needs proper diagnosis for relief. Preventing pain of the teeth can be the ideal solution, but lifestyle and food habits often contribute to toothaches.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding from the gums after flossing or brushing the teeth can be a sign of unhealthy gum. The underlying reason indicates signs of gum infection or gingivitis. If left untreated or ignored, gingivitis leads to periodontitis. Bleeding from the gums and inflammation or reddening of the gums can be the warning signal of a dental emergency requiring the immediate attention of an emergency dentist.

Swollen Jaws

Swollen jaws indicate severe infection of the gums or the salivary glands. A swollen jaw, along with fever, bad taste, and bad breath, should be enough signs for you to consult the emergency dentist at once.

Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth can be pretty painful, and you should book an appointment with the emergency dentist to treat the abscessed tooth. An untreated dental cavity, a chipped tooth, or an oral infection can lead to an abscessed tooth. The emergency dentist might need to perform surgery to get rid of the infection completely.

The Emergency Dentist

If you are looking to treat dental emergencies in Dixon, Exceptional Dentistry can be your dedicated oral health clinic. We are committed to ensuring every patient is made to feel comfortable and receive comprehensive oral care.

Our modern facilities are designed keeping in mind the comfort of our patients. We are equipped with the latest technology equipment to offer our patients an exceptional experience. You may book an appointment to know more.

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