Understanding How Invisalign® Treatment Works 

Understanding How Invisalign® Treatment Works 

May 01, 2021

Do you detest how your teeth look when you smile? Perhaps the problem is overcrowding, overlapping, or uneven spacing between your teeth. Such oral issues can affect both the functionality and appearance of your teeth. Fortunately, orthodontic dentistry exists to provide solutions for dental realignment.

With many oral appliances available for teeth realignment, Invisalign® braces are becoming increasingly popular. They are effective for straightening teeth, with several advantages that give them an upper hand over their counterparts.

What Is Invisalign Treatment?

It is a type of orthodontic treatment that focuses on realigning and straightening teeth using teeth aligners called Invisalign. The aligners are unique and different from metal braces for several reasons, including:

  • Removability – Invisalign aligners can be removed without the help of a dentist, unlike metal braces. The advantage of this feature is the freedom to eat whatever you want, without worrying that you will damage your clear aligners. Besides, this feature also boosts oral hygiene.
  • Transparency – you never have to worry about the conspicuity of your braces, like you would with metal braces. The aligners are made with a transparent plastic-like material that allows you to smile without anyone knowing about your orthodontic treatment.
  • Comfort – the plastic material used to make Invisalign braces glides smoothly on your mouth, making them more comfortable than metal braces.

How Do the Braces Work?

When you first get Invisalign braces, you may think that they work similarly to traditional metal braces. However, the concept is not exactly the same. The only similarity between the two is that they rely on controlled pressure applied consistently over a certain period to shift and rotate teeth. The entire process of realigning teeth relies on bone regeneration, which is how your body generates new bone tissue that will help support the teeth in their new position.

The first tray of aligners you get will be created by a Dixon dentist based on the impressions of your mouth. The aligners fit perfectly, with a tight snag that ensures that pressure is placed on your teeth as should be. As you will be instructed during your Invisalign treatment in Dixon, IL, the aligners must be worn up to 20 hours every day. Even though they are removable, wearing them for 20 hours or more every day is important for successful treatment. It ensures that your teeth get enough pressure from the aligners to move and rotate as required.

After a couple of weeks, usually about 6 weeks, the aligners will begin to feel looser than they were initially. This is because your teeth have moved as was the target of the treatment plan. At this stage, you need to visit your dentist for a change of aligners. The dentist will have prepared a new tray of clear aligners that are tight as should be. This process will be repeated severally throughout your treatment. Technically, every few weeks, your dentist will see you for a change of aligners, which will be tighter as you go. This will be done according to the treatment plan created for you at the beginning of your treatment.​

Is the Treatment Successful?

Like all other orthodontic treatments, teeth straightening with Invisalign calls for patience. The results of your treatment will begin to show gradually as you go along with the treatment plan. Technically, many treatments take between 6 months and 1 year for the results to show. For others, the period may be longer, some taking 2 years or more. However, the invisible teeth aligners have been used many times in orthodontics, with a track record of success stories. Your teeth will be aligned properly after your treatment.

Are the Results Permanent?

Once your treatment is complete, it is natural to worry whether your results will last forever. The orthodontist attending you will provide measures that will help sustain your results for a long. This involves using dental appliances called retainers, which help your teeth in place. Depending on how young you get your treatment from Dixon dentist, you may need to wear the clear aligners for a few years, or the rest of your life. If not, teeth tend to regress and shift to their initial position with time, which may necessitate a repeat procedure.

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