Visit Our Dentist for Tooth Extractions

Visit Our Dentist for Tooth Extractions

Sep 11, 2018

Despite an individual’s best efforts, they may need to remove a tooth that has become extremely decayed, infected, or fractured. Our staff at Exceptional Dentistry in Dixon, IL provides several different preventative treatments, but we also offer high-quality restorative solutions to help get teeth back to a healthy and properly effective staff. Tooth extractions near you are one way to help restore a smile and protect the surrounding teeth. What happens during a tooth extraction and when might a tooth need to be removed? Continue reading to learn more about this effective procedure from Exceptional Dentistry near you.

When does a tooth need to be extracted?

There are several reasons your dentist may have recommended an extraction for your smile. An impacted wisdom tooth that does not grow in properly or that does not have sufficient space after erupting may need to be removed. A badly decayed or broken tooth may lead to an extraction, as well as a tooth affected by severe gum disease. Finally, your orthodontist may recommend an extraction in order to make room for other treatment that will correct your bite or alignment.

What happens during a tooth extraction near me?

Prior to the extraction, the dentist will properly numb the affected area in order to avoid any discomfort or pain an individual might feel during the procedure. Methods of anesthesia may vary from patient to patient. Talk to your dentist to see which option is best for your or will make your the most comfortable. The dental team will then use a variety of special tools to safely remove the tooth. After the procedure, you may need assistance getting home from a family member or friend. Your dentist may prescribe you medication to deal with the discomfort that could follow. They will also provide you with specific instructions that will ensure a quick and comfortable healing process.

If you are looking for a way to restore your missing tooth after a tooth extraction near you, then talk to our team for different ideas that will be most beneficial to your smile. We can provide several options that can replace a missing tooth!

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