What Hurts More Tooth Extraction or Implant?

What Hurts More Tooth Extraction or Implant?

Nov 01, 2022

Have you received a recommendation for tooth extractions because they are infected and affect your oral health?

You might receive suggestions from the dentist that you can replace the teeth with dental implants by undergoing surgery to have permanent replacement teeth in your mouth, lasting you for life.

Initially, you might fear losing all your teeth but may have experienced tooth loss or extractions earlier and might not think much about tooth removal.

However, your thoughts will likely not be similar to getting dental implants placed in your jawbone by undergoing surgery.

While your perception of the pain after tooth extraction may not overwhelm you, undergoing surgery to receive dental implants undoubtedly will.

If we assume your thinking, we must confirm you are not alone with such thoughts.

For unknown reasons, everyone thinks tooth extraction is less painful than getting dental implants which they perceive as a painful therapy to replace missing teeth.

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Why Do You Fear Dental Treatments?

Dental treatments are ranked fourth as the most common fear among the global population.

People fear dental drilling, anesthetic injections, and tooth removal starting from traumatic experiences with their dentist and the dentist’s indifference to the pain they experienced.

When removing one or all of your teeth, the dentist gives you local anesthesia to ensure you feel no discomfort during the extraction. They also provide medicines to manage post-operative care.

Getting dental implants to substitute your missing teeth is similar to getting your teeth extracted, except that the surgical process replaces your teeth instead of removing them.

If you have an entire set of teeth in a jaw removed, the dentist recommends getting an updated dental implant procedure all-on-4 to replace your lost teeth conveniently.

Dental implants require surgery, and surgical procedures are accompanied by post-operative pain and discomfort. However, as you are administered anesthesia in the mouth, you will likely feel no pain during implant placements, especially if you don’t need bone grafting.

In any case, the dentist treating you considers your discomfort when planning the treatment and recommends different anesthesia methods, from oral conscious sedation to IV sedation, et cetera.

Therefore dentists ensure you experience little or no discomfort when having dental implants placed in your jawbone.

How Many Teeth Are in All-on-4?

All-on-4 implants are unlike the traditional variety needing one implant for every tooth. Instead, the all-on-4 technique permits dentists to give you an entire arch of fake teeth for the upper or lower jaw supported by merely four dental implants strategically located in your jawbone.

Dentists use mini dental implants for the all-on-four procedure to help support all teeth in a jaw.

In many cases, you can also have artificial teeth in a day as dentists place an arch of replacement teeth over the implants soon after embedding them. It indicates that the all-on-4 can support all your teeth in a single jaw.

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How Long Do All-on Four Implants Last?

If you receive all-4-dental implants in Dixon with a set of artificial teeth for aesthetic purposes soon after, you must ensure you care for them as suggested by the provider.

Dental implants must osseointegrate with your jawbone to provide stable support for your artificial teeth.

The fusion of dental implants with your jaw requires three to six months, after which you can replace the existing teeth in your mouth with a fresh set from the dentist in Dixon, IL, expecting them to remain with you for life.

Artificial teeth for dental implants are made using dental grade porcelain, appearing and feeling like your natural teeth.

However, they are susceptible to damage similar to your teeth and require care to ensure you don’t damage them.

The care needed by dental implants is similar to natural teeth, including brushing twice and flossing once daily, preventing damage to the artificial teeth by refraining from biting on complex foods or objects unsuitable for eating, and preventing gum disease from plaque buildup below your gum line.

So long as you stick to your dentist’s instructions and avoid damage to the artificial teeth or becoming prone to infections, you can confidently expect all-on-four implants to serve you for life without expecting considerable challenges.

Getting your teeth extracted leaves you with an empty mouth and the challenges of eating, smiling, and speaking.

In contrast, dental implants help replace missing teeth returning all the abilities you lost with your natural teeth. Therefore we think tooth extraction hurts more than implants.

If we have convinced you with our description of extractions vs. implants, we are confident you will schedule an appointment with Exceptional Dentistry to have your infected teeth removed and receive dental implants as soon as possible as replacements for your missing teeth.

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