What You Need to Know About Invisalign® Before Getting Them

What You Need to Know About Invisalign® Before Getting Them

Jan 01, 2021

Proper teeth alignment is important not only to your appearance but also to your oral health. When you have biting problems like overbite or underbite, they could damage your jaw. Fortunately, with orthodontic treatment like Invisalign®, you can repair your teeth position and correct jaw alignment.

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that involves a series of clear and removable aligners that gradually reposition your teeth. The clear aligners are crafted from a flexible plastic that is easy to customize and create personalized braces.

These aligners are virtually invisible and will not be easily noticed.

Who Can Benefit from Invisalign?

Both adults and teenagers can use Invisalign. However, if you choose to use these invisible aligners, you need to have impeccable hygiene and discipline. These braces are removable and need to be worn for a specific number of hours for the treatment to be a success.

Also, Invisalign is ideal for moderate malocclusion. If you have severe jaw and bite problems, other orthodontic treatments may be suitable.

Why Choose Invisalign Over Other Braces?

All braces work to achieve one goal; move the teeth, and correct the alignment. However, some of the braces do a better job than others. Invisalign is different from metal braces. It is not only removable (giving the freedom to eat what you want), but invisible.

Also, they are made from a flexible plastic that is gentle on the gums. Metal braces have wires that, at times, can injure the gums. These wires also tend to trap food, meaning you need to avoid sticky foods during the treatment.

Metal braces are fixed, and this means you need to visit the dentist often to have them adjusted. The treatment length also differs between the two. Some people report positive results within six months of wearing the Invisalign aligners. The metal braces take longer, but this is probably because they also move the roots.

If you have moderate malocclusion and want convenient, invisible, removable, and easy to adapt braces, Invisalign is an ideal option.

What is the Treatment Process?

Invisalign treatment is done in phases:

1. Mapping and planing

Before the aligners are created, the dentist needs to examine your teeth and create a digital scan. Using a 3D digital scan, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to evaluate your smile. This will help us to create a precise and customized treatment plan.

Software is then used to determine the pressure needed and the time frame for attaining the new smile. The dentist will show you an image of the expected results.

Once you approve the plan, the 3D digital scan is sent to the lab to create the aligners.

2. Treatment phase

The dentist will give a set of invisible aligners. You are required to wear the aligners for 22 hours every day for two weeks for each set. Each set of aligners is designed to gradually move the teeth to the correct position.

During the treatment, you’ll need to visit the dentist every six to eight weeks for monitoring the treatment.

3. Retention phase

After the orthodontic treatment, the dentist will give you a retainer. This is a device that will help to hold your teeth in the new position. Without this retainer, your teeth will gradually revert to the original position.

In the first few weeks, you will wear the retainer for 24 hours. However, after that, you will only wear them at night.

How Do I Take Care of the Invisalign Braces?

Although these invisible braces do not affect your lifestyle, you still need to keep them clean:

  • Remove the aligners when you are eating, drinking, or brushing. Remember there is no Invisalign teeth whitening, so once they discolor, you will need new ones.
  • When you are not using them, store them in water to keep them moist.
  • Brush the braces daily with a soft toothbrush. Do not use hot water or toothpaste.
  • Rinse the aligners before putting them back.

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