What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Crowns or Bridges

What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Crowns or Bridges

Mar 27, 2018

Exceptional Dentistry offers a wide range of services. Two of those being dental crowns and bridges. They are both very common procedures, so how do we know which one if the best option for our smile? We will discuss four questions you should ask before getting dental crowns or bridges.

Which Is Better?

Dental crowns and bridges are used for different situations. You and your dentist will have to decide which is best for your situation. Dental crowns are used to replace a single tooth. Crowns are placed on top of the teeth. Dental bridges are placed on either side of the affected tooth. Ask your dentist at Exceptional Dentistry which option is best for you.

What Can They Fix?

Dental bridges are best used when an entire tooth or teeth have been lost. Crowns can be used for a variety of reasons including restoring a cracked or fractured tooth, replacing a large filling, covering an implant, or strengthening a tooth that has had a root canal.

What Are the Benefits?

Restoring your tooth with the help of dental crowns or bridges is essential in maintaining good oral health. A fractured tooth can lead to further problems such as expensive treatments, pain, and infections. Restoring your teeth will boost your overall confidence.

How Long Will They Last?

Depending on how well you take care of your teeth is how long the dental crowns and bridges will last. Good brushing and flossing habits will keep your restorations looking like new. We also recommend visiting Exceptional Dentistry at least twice a year to ensure good oral health.

Prioritizing your oral health will make you happier and healthier. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment!

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