Dental Emergencies in Dixon, IL

At Exceptional Dentistry in Dixon, IL we understand that accidents and emergencies pop up from time to time, which is why we are happy to offer same-day emergency treatments. When it comes to dental emergencies, time is extremely important and can be the difference between a simple treatment and a missing tooth. Have you experienced a dental emergency? Don’t panic, follow the below steps and contact our emergency dentist in Dixon, IL immediately.

Emergency Dental Services in Dixon, IL

Damaged Tooth

In certain situations, accidents may occur where a tooth becomes chipped, cracked or even severely damaged. You should thoroughly rinse your mouth to try and clean the area. If you are experiencing swelling, a cold compress can help reduce it. You should contact our emergency dentist in Dixon, IL immediately so we can treat the damage and prevent further complications.


A toothache is something that usually comes on slowly. However, there are occasions where a patient may experience a sudden, severe toothache. If you experience a sudden, severe toothache, you should first thoroughly rinse your mouth using warm salt water. If any debris is stuck between your teeth, gently use floss to try and remove the debris. If you can’t get relief from the pain, contact your Dixon emergency dentist.

Lip/Tongue Bite

It is common during dental injuries or trauma for the lips and/or tongue also to be damaged. You should thoroughly rinse/clean the area and apply a cold compress. This can help reduce swelling, discomfort, and pain. If the area will not stop bleeding or seems extremely damaged, emergency care such as stitches may be required.

Dislodged Tooth

In extreme injuries, a tooth may become completely dislodged. It is important to keep the tooth moist in the event it does become dislodged. You can attempt to place it back in the socket, hold it between your cheek and gums or even store it in milk. You should immediately contact your emergency dentist near you; it could be the difference between saving the tooth or permanently losing it.

Looking for an emergency dentist near you? If you or a loved one experienced a dental emergency in Dixon, IL, contact Exceptional Dentistry immediately. We’re more than happy to schedule a same-day emergency appointment so you can be seen by our emergency dentist in Dixon, IL.

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