Dental Impants in Dixon

Dental implants are restorative artificial teeth held securely in place with small titanium posts which are surgically placed in your jawbone.

Dental Impants in Dixon

Dental implants are restorative artificial teeth held securely in place with small titanium posts which are surgically placed in your jawbone.

Dental Implants
at Exceptional Dentistry

Dental implants are restorative artificial teeth held securely in place with small titanium posts which are surgically placed in your jawbone. The artificial crown tooth is affixed to the post with an abutment or an extension. Dental implants not only restore your healthy smile but also allow you to bite, chew, and speak normally. The tiny post also functions as an artificial root which helps preserve the integrity of your jawbone density saving it from atrophying. This maintains the structure of your face.

At Exceptional Dentistry, our entire staff strives to provide exceptional, affordable, and professional dental care in a welcoming and relaxing environment. Each of us believes that you deserve quality family time so we can achieve and maintain your ultimate smile goals. We will not begin any proposed treatment until you fully understand and agree with the diagnosis and the treatment plan. If a dental implant restoration is the solution for your oral health care, call us at 815-288-4731. We are conveniently located at 724 N. Brinton Ave., Dixon, Il, 61021. We look forward to treating you as a family member with exceptional service.

Every year over fifty million Americans experience tooth-loss. Conventional dentures have traditionally been the best solution, but recent technological innovations with different varieties of dental implants are providing creative options.


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The Increasing Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants offer wonderful benefits for you including the following:

  • Improved comfort- Because they perform as a replacement tooth root, dental implants are permanent, eliminating the need to remove dentures.
  • Improved oral health- Patients who have had dental implants placed attest to an improved ability and likelihood to brush and floss normally, which therefore results in improved overall oral health.
  • Durability- Dental implants are extraordinarily durable and will last decades with proper care.
  • Improved appearance- Dental implants will both look and feel like your natural teeth. The titanium post is designed to fuse and bond with the jawbone, providing natural stability.
  • Normal eating- Loose and slipping dentures make biting and chewing difficult. Dental implants, functioning just like your natural teeth, allow you to bite, chew, and eat your favorite foods with no reservation.
  • Improved speech- With traditional dentures, the appliance will sometimes slip resulting in you either mumbling or slurring your words. With dental implants this concern gone.
  • Improved self-esteem and self-confidence- Dental implants will restore your healthy smile and therefore help you feel better about yourself.
  • Convenience- Removable dentures are inconvenient. Dental implants completely eliminate the inconvenience of removing dentures, along with the need for any dental adhesives.
  • Structural Integrity- By filling spaces or gaps, dental implants preserve the original jawbone, and they can also reduce the likelihood of infections developing.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The process of receiving a dental implant usually takes several visits and several months to complete.

Your initial evaluation starts the process. Your team at Exceptional Dentistry will begin with x-rays to clarify the density of your jawbone to validate that it can support the dental implant. If your jawbone has experienced some atrophy, a bone grafting procedure may be the first step necessary to initiate the process. If there is a damaged or decayed tooth that must be extracted, it will be removed.

Once any preliminary steps are completed, we will begin the actual procedure by administering a local anesthetic to the immediate area. When the soft tissue is adequately numb, we will make a small incision to gain access to your jawbone. After drilling a small hole, we place the titanium post into your jawbone.

The next stage requires patience. It will take a few months for the post to grow, fuse, or integrate into your jawbone. This is an essential step because this is how strength and stability are achieved. Exceptional Dentistry now adds an extension or abutment to reach your gumline surface. The last step is to permanently secure the artificial crown on the abutment and your dental implant is finished.

Dental Implants Vs Dental Bridges

If you are thinking about a dental implant, you might also be considering a dental bridge, especially if you have experienced significant bone loss. A traditional dental bridge must use the two neighboring teeth for support by placing either crowns or metal wings over these adjoining healthy teeth to hold the false tooth in place. There are distinct types of dental bridges for different situations.

An obvious benefit of a dental bridge is that the restoration is less invasive. They are also faster and less costly. The implant does delivers the unseen advantage of jawbone perseverance. Review your options with the Exceptional Dentistry experts about which solution is best for you.

Proper Care of Your Dental Implant

One of the most crucial factors in ensuring the longevity of your dental implant is proper care. A dental implant should be treated just like your natural teeth and should be brushed twice a day and flossed daily. This will also maintain the health of your gums, and your remaining natural teeth as well.

Even though your new implant will eventually become naturally strong, a healing process is required after the implant has been surgically placed. For the first several weeks, we will recommend a diet of soft food, with a slow introduction of harder foods. Your jawbone will soon acclimate to the new force and pressure that is being applied.

A dental implant is the absolute gold standard as a long-term solution for tooth replacement. If you are currently missing a tooth or need a tooth extracted, speak with Exceptional Dentistry about a dental implant for you.

Your Satisfaction Make Our Services Exceptional

The entire staff at Exceptional Dentistry pays deliberate attention to all details when it comes to providing you with superior dental care. We will review your oral health history, capture digital images to document continued history, and always discuss any diagnosis, treatment options, and financing and insurance benefits. We want you to make educated and informed decisions about your dental care. If a dental implant restoration is the solution for your oral health care, give our office a call at 815-288-4731. We are also easy to find at 724 N. Brinton Ave, Dixon, Il, 61021. We treat all patients as family with exceptional treatment.